Saturday, November 20, 2010

so far, so good

So good to have received all of the
warm comments and emails in response
to my last post... good to have had an entire day
on my own to organize my new studio-and to
actually accomplish it... good to find out that my printer
works beautifully with my old designs...

...and so good to stand outside the door,
early the next morning looking in through
the glass, and pausing just a moment before
turning the knob to go in...

(and then racing back to the kitchen to get my
camera...pretty leaves! happy moment! drat those
menfolk of mine with their messy spray-painted
circles on what is now my threshold!)

Well it looks as tho' I will, indeed, be
able to make some calendars, some holiday
missives and I want to make some notecard sets,
as well. The Books and Readers set, for sure,
perhaps another. It will take some time, because
tho' the printer prints well, all the colors are off.
So, lots of refinements to make in the
days ahead.

I would like to keep it simple, simple...need
to, in fact. So when I am close to having a goodly
amount of things to offer, I will make an
announcement here with all the details. I will post
the quantity I have available, keep track of sales as
they go along, and take down the various offerings
when there are no more. And since I can't accept
credit cards any more, we can do the things the
old-fashioned way with checks
and envelopes and stamps.

How does that sound?

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Anonymous said...

Oh, happiness is mine on finding such good news this morning! :-)

For those circles at your threshold, perhaps they could be sanded off or wire brushed. If not then maybe a little creative faux painting?

kkkkaty said...

Whatever time and energy you need to put into this project, we will feel grateful and the end product (a lovely calendar) will be well worth the wait :-)

Melissa Wiley said...

Watching and waiting with eagerness and gratitude! I have almost exhausted my little store of Small Meadow treasures, so this is lovely news. Thank you!

Karen E. said...

Joyful news!