Tuesday, August 17, 2010

a room of ones' own

Six months ago I closed my business and pretty much closed the door on my studio for quite awhile as I took care of other things. Four months ago we had the architect's plans for my mom's new "wing" (as we like to call it!) with the hallway to it carved out my studio. So, a smaller studio, but the same dear room and view over the western fields. One month ago, those plans had changed my studio into my mom's new bedroom and I was trying to bravely accept that it would be back to a table in our bedroom (where the paper Bower started some thirteen years ago).

Thank goodness my clever and caring husband came up with the new idea (because it was rather hard to be that brave) of a little studio in part of the garage. We are still working on the design, but it will have the high southern windows that are already there, and new french doors opening onto the gravel driveway and the bank of forsythia bushes and the eastern sky. I am already picturing the potted bay tree that I have always longed for outside it's doors....and I will be right down at ground level as I have longed to be since I first clapped eyes on old English cottages...and I will have a long, thin, funky studio-just down the stairs from my bedroom. So...a room of my own again. I am grateful.

Before all of this building drama started (I am sparing you most of the drama), I had pretty much settled on offering a calendar every year as a certainty....perhaps the planner (that was so close to fruition), as well. But that was as far as I was able to see. Since then, I have thought many different things....from giving up entirely to offering online versions of things to just handmade one-of-a-kind creations (which is calling to my heart the most). Truth be told, tho', it is still hard to find any time in the day to spend in whatever studio I might have.

Even now, I don't know when I will have my new space and I can't seem to settle into the old space as I know I will soon be disassembling it. All this to say...the direction Small Meadow Press will take is uncertain. When my new studio has become a reality, I will see if there is time left in the year and time to be found in my days to bring the calendar into being for the New Year. I would like that so much.

All I know for certain is that I am looking forward to having a room of my own again in the future...I need it more than ever. And in the meantime, we can keep "meeting" in the little rooms I have created here and there in this webby world. Thank you for keeping in touch.