home learning notes

These became too time-consuming for me to make, so I am now offering them-at no charge- for your use and delight as PDF files. Please let me know if you have any problem printing these out and we shall try to figure out what to do! I do encourage you to purchase recycled paper to print these on.

These pages came about after many years of longing for a simple, useful and pleasing way to keep track of my children’s learning experiences. I tried various planners and organizers, but found them each too complex and cumbersome for our way of home-schooling. Home Learning Notes is the result of several mamas (and some children!) getting together and discerning what our record-keeping and planning needs were and designing lovely pages to meet those needs.

Home Learning Notes can be used by the student, the parents or a combination of the two. One set should see most students amply through the year, but extra pages are available should you desire them. The pages have been designed to be attractive enough to be used in a portfolio or scrapbook of the year’s learning. I hope these pages will encourage you to add your own pages with pictures and photos and other tokens to create a wonderful keepsake, as well as a practical record.

The pages and their descriptions are listed below:

notes on home learning notes

classes and activities page

Room to list group and away-from home occupations.

weekly page

Pages on which to record your daily assignments and accomplishments.

books I have read

This will be so nice for for children to have to look back upon and remember.....I have include a place to record “type of book” to help encourage a well-balanced reading plan!

monthly page

Especially useful for activities,appointments and outings....an overview.

thoughts and plans

There is space at the top for a heading and the back of the page is blank for sketches or diagrams or other brainstorming you and your child may do.

PROJECTS A good place to describe and, perhaps, add a picture or photgraph of the productive pursuits accomplished during the year.

project for girls                                                            

project for boys (even tho' the picture here won't show it!)                                                            

homeschool community                                                            

A list of information about homeschool companions and contacts.

outings and field trips                                                            


Listen to the definiton of “memorandum” from my 1904 dictionary....”A note to assist the memory; a brief record of something to be remembered”...isn’t that just what we need? These pages have a space for a heading and lines to list such things as websites to look up, books to fetch from the library, dvds to rent, etc.