Tuesday, August 9, 2011

thinking, dreaming and doing....

 Back in February, when I last wrote here, I was realizing just how little I could take on beyond tending home and family and looking towards the Summer to figure out about Small Meadow Press. Well here is August speeding along and I see no sign of anything papery coming out of my studio...beyond my calendar that received a proper cover after my last post and goes with me everywhere now.

 I did alot of thinking at the beginning of the Summer and realized that my heart and mind don't go towards the making of "beautiful and useful papers for everyday life" any longer. The paper stays tidily stacked on the shelves and the printer is turned off and blessedly quiet. And I am content for it to remain so. I may still make my calendar, or more likely, a new version of it that will be slightly smaller and include lots of pages for planning and keeping things in order.

I am still pondering that possibility.

But my heart hasn't lost any of its fascination with Everyday Life. Quite the opposite...and all that I used to pour into papery creations-the simple beauty, the celebration of the seasons and banner days, the nourishment to be found in books and poetry, the particulars of homemaking and staying connected with others and the earth...well, I am pouring all of that into the making of a lovely online place. A private and lovely place of inspiration...and beauty...and gentle tasks...that will add up over the days and months to what I know so many of us are longing for....more simplicity and peace and contentment in our homes and our everydays.


I've been dreaming this for years...remember telling my dear customers about it at my very last show in December of 2009...and have been working on the nuts and bolts of it for the past few months, with much more work to do. But I shall write here again soon, with more news and perhaps some glimpses. If you are not already signed up to be notified when I post here (top left column), you might like to sign up now, so you will know just as soon as there is news to tell. 

I wish you very summery end-of-Summer days...and please leave your thoughts here for me to find. I miss you all!