Sunday, November 14, 2010

getting there....

...tho' where "there" is, I can't say.
My aim is to make my room as beautiful
and useful as I am able and then patiently
wait and see if it will be mostly my creative
retreat or if I will offer Small Meadow
Press-ish things from within its
bright walls.

But my old studio is now all moved into my
new studio, tho' little more than the actual
transporting of the books, furniture, suitcases,
and bits and bobs has been accomplished thus far.
I am so looking forward to Tuesday when I will
have a day free of other responsibilities and will
spend it sorting out my lovely new space.
Can you see the possibilities?

On Tuesday, in between all the sorting,
I am planning on experimenting with the printer
I bought after my trusty one died just at the end of
the Christmas season last year. That was such a
stressful time, when I couldn't fulfill all the
calendar orders and other creations as both of
my printers gave up at the same time. I have gladly
stayed away from the printer since then, except
for necessary household/ home-learning tasks.....
but I am ready to give it a go again.

Should the experimenting be successful, I want to
make as many calendars as I have paper. I would also
like to make alot of my Christmas and Holiday card
bundles....tho' I wonder if it would be too late for
most people if they weren't available until early

I would appreciate your thoughts on that
and what else you might like-if I do find the time
and have a cooperative printer!


Dragonfly Treasure said...

Welcome back! So good to see you ♥

Looks like things are trying to return to "normal" for you (wahtever that may be). So glad you are thinking of printing again.
I would print up some cards, you never know. For the first time in many, many years I am so very far behind with Holiday preparations...maybe others are too and still need to get their cards. But then again weith the ecomony...who knows if alot won't even send out cards this year.

Wishing you a productive and stressless Tuesday!! Hang in there.
Your space looks lovely. I'm sure even more so when it's "all together".
Sending warm *hugs*

Julie said...

Oh Joy! What fun you will have on Tuesday organizing all your bits and lovelies! The studio looks fantastic...gorgeous table and carpentry.

I can wait on the Christmas bundles, calendars and cards! I will wait for's so worth it!

Have fun...

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty room, Lesley. I love the blue paint on the beadboard. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the 'new' printer behaves nicely for you. Of course, I would love a new calendar, and I'm pretty sure, many will be happy to wait for cards. I'm always late mailing! Wishing you a satisfying Tuesday! :-)

kkkkaty said...

Hello Lesley,

It is nice to get a peek of your new space and I know you can't wait to organize everything so each thing has its place and you are comfortable and ready to create again. Needless to say, I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting a new calendar for the next year and it would be lovely if it were one you make...if you find the time. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that your mother will be able to be involved in the activity.

The Lewis Family said...

Oh, I am aching for a Calendar--2010 just was not the same without one!! Your new space is so wonderful--oh to stop the world and just create for a few hours.

Thank you for the update,

Many blessings to you and your family,


Carolyne said...

I will be thinking happy thoughts of you on Tuesday!

For me, who likes to savor each holiday to its fullest, Christmas greetings don't go out till late December anyway.
I will look forward to how ever many "lovelies" you create for us.

Thanks for the good news....
Blessings for a joyous Thanksgiving season.
{{hugs}} ~Carolyne

Laurie said...

Oh, such a lovely space! Wood floors... a window... a bit of blue and lovely bits to work with. I hope you had an excellent day yesterday in your new room. I would be interested in a calendar.

Virginia Mallon-Ackermann said...

I am behind schedule with web browsing and just came across your lovely studio. Where can we buy these treasures?? Calendars?? Cards?(are perfect for me if they arrive in December - who really sends things out before Christmas eve? Not me :)

I love your space. So full of potential.