Monday, November 29, 2010

very nearly there!

I am happy to say I have many lovely stacks of
Books and Readers notecard sets, many bundles of
four of my "Christmas" card designs (and an
assortment-for the first time ever) and by the
time the sale begins on Wednesday, I will have
many a calendar printed and assembled.

Tomorrow I will take photographs
and begin to print the calendar (this will take
many days) and the sale will begin Wednesday
afternoon at 3pm. I think the first of December
is a lovely day to begin. Don't you?

In addition to the notecards, holiday cards
and calendar...I have unearthed a few odds
and ends that I will also put up-some notebooks
and one last rare box of A Token of My Esteem.
It has been a few years since I offered the set
in a box-I found it wrapped in brown paper in
my show bins...from the days of abundance when
I thought nothing of using it as a prop in my
booth! And a few other finds.

It has been really satisfying to make things
again, and play with designs....but it has been
a challenge, too. Especially at this time of year.
But it has worked well enough that I plan
to continue to use up all the papers and
cardstock I have over the months to come,
whenever inspiration there will be
other little sales in the future.

I am a bit concerned about this working
smoothly (the rummage sale this early Spring
was intense!)...but I know my delightful customers
will understand that everything is rather limited...
for this go-round anyway. It will have to
be first-come, first served and if everyone orders
in moderation, there should be joy all around. And
since I have lots of calendar paper, and if you are
getting the calendar for yourself and can wait a
little bit to receive it (for I will try to get out
gift orders and Christmas cards first), I am
willing to make as many calendars as I
receive orders for.

So, I shall post again on Wednesday at 3ish
(eastern time)...hoping that moms take naps at
the usual time and everything else falls into

Please write if you have any questions.

P.S. And, again, in case you missed my previous
post, we are keeping this simple and you will be
able to order from this blog by sending me an
email with your wishes, I will keep track of
inventory on this end and after the sale I will
contact you via email with totals + shipping.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

so far, so good

So good to have received all of the
warm comments and emails in response
to my last post... good to have had an entire day
on my own to organize my new studio-and to
actually accomplish it... good to find out that my printer
works beautifully with my old designs...

...and so good to stand outside the door,
early the next morning looking in through
the glass, and pausing just a moment before
turning the knob to go in...

(and then racing back to the kitchen to get my
camera...pretty leaves! happy moment! drat those
menfolk of mine with their messy spray-painted
circles on what is now my threshold!)

Well it looks as tho' I will, indeed, be
able to make some calendars, some holiday
missives and I want to make some notecard sets,
as well. The Books and Readers set, for sure,
perhaps another. It will take some time, because
tho' the printer prints well, all the colors are off.
So, lots of refinements to make in the
days ahead.

I would like to keep it simple, simple...need
to, in fact. So when I am close to having a goodly
amount of things to offer, I will make an
announcement here with all the details. I will post
the quantity I have available, keep track of sales as
they go along, and take down the various offerings
when there are no more. And since I can't accept
credit cards any more, we can do the things the
old-fashioned way with checks
and envelopes and stamps.

How does that sound?

If you aren't already subscribed to be notified
just as soon as I make a new post here, you
might like to fill out the box at the top left. It is
a very easy way to stay up-to-date.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

getting there....

...tho' where "there" is, I can't say.
My aim is to make my room as beautiful
and useful as I am able and then patiently
wait and see if it will be mostly my creative
retreat or if I will offer Small Meadow
Press-ish things from within its
bright walls.

But my old studio is now all moved into my
new studio, tho' little more than the actual
transporting of the books, furniture, suitcases,
and bits and bobs has been accomplished thus far.
I am so looking forward to Tuesday when I will
have a day free of other responsibilities and will
spend it sorting out my lovely new space.
Can you see the possibilities?

On Tuesday, in between all the sorting,
I am planning on experimenting with the printer
I bought after my trusty one died just at the end of
the Christmas season last year. That was such a
stressful time, when I couldn't fulfill all the
calendar orders and other creations as both of
my printers gave up at the same time. I have gladly
stayed away from the printer since then, except
for necessary household/ home-learning tasks.....
but I am ready to give it a go again.

Should the experimenting be successful, I want to
make as many calendars as I have paper. I would also
like to make alot of my Christmas and Holiday card
bundles....tho' I wonder if it would be too late for
most people if they weren't available until early

I would appreciate your thoughts on that
and what else you might like-if I do find the time
and have a cooperative printer!