Sunday, June 16, 2013

a small update!

Knowing that some people still visit here now and then...and knowing that I have no plans to post here or revive Small Meadow Press, I thought I would write a small update. I will keep this little blog open, for sentiment's sake and to keep the Home Learning Notes always available (in the left sidebar).
But if you would like to know what I doing and offering currently, you may visit the new website I created at

Just as it feels so good to pare down and simplify at home, I realized recently that it would feel very good to do the same online. So I've been letting go of what I can online and making the rest as simple and tidy as possible. 

The new website gives glimpses and links to my brand-new e-greetings site and Wisteria & Sunshine and also the two blogs where I plan to continue to The Bower often and at my old caregiving blog when I can.

You can leave comments at the new site, or here for that matter, and I hope to always stay in touch one way or another. The comments left here are one of the reasons I want to keep it open. I am ever grateful for your interest and support over the years. 

See you in the new spaces and I wish each of you well with your own journey, with its bends and dips and rocky patches and sunny, grassy spots...



Sea Angels said...

Just adore that lovely fabric Lesley, an dyour wonderful picket fence xx
Hugs Lynn xxx

Delila said...

Lesley, remember me, Delila from Finland? i begun to look your old blog posts again (before i will subscribe your Wisteria & Sunshine) Little by little i have wanted to live much more simpler life, like Tasha Tudor or Beatrix Potter did. month a go i begun to order organic veg box and food supplies to home, instead of going to an heartless supermarket on evenings after work. that was one step in to a simpler life. i am working as a seasonal worker in a wondrous garden in England at the moment, but know that i would need to find another garden or nursery to work in end of this summer.

Lesley you are incredibly inspiring and your home looks just lovely country home!!!

Marisa said...

Gorgeous photos!!!

jane said...

I have a lot of your old merchandise from the envelope holder, birthday calendar, binder, and Christmas journal. I miss all of your beautiful and quality and simple products. I'm sad that I can't purchase anymore. But glad for your path in life.