Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the sale is over....

...and I send deep thanks to everyone
who ordered.

I will be making one last batch of calendars,
and continuing with the packaging up of all
the orders and sending them on their
merry way to you this week.

And it will probably be awhile before the
next I knew when I took a hiatus when
my mom came to live with us, it is a bit of a press
to take good care of her, homeschool my boy and
everything else. Tho' I am so glad I had the sale!
It is wonderful to experience again all the familiar
rhythms of making and designing. And it makes
me happy to think of my calendar companioning
so many of you throughout the year, and the
cards being sent out these Winter days with
love and hope.

By next summer, my son will be graduated from
our homeschool, the addition for my mom will be
long done, and I can imagine a new season
of homelife (not that I want to imagine the
part of it without my son here each day...I am
having to play Scarlett in that area and will
definitely think about that ages hence!)
with more time for making.

But for now, I again send my gratitude
and also my dear wishes for a lovely
month ahead for all of us!

Friday, December 3, 2010

all good things must come to an end....

....and this is just a note to let you know
that my Advent sale will be ending at midnight
on Tuesday the 7th of December.

Tho' many of the one-of-a-kinds have sold out,
the "shop" (the post just before this one)
still has some notecards, Christmas cards
and A Calendar of One's Own filling
the shelves.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

a little advent sale

Welcome to the first little sale at my blog!
Below you will find all the offerings that I have
at this time, with the quantity I have of each
(except the calendar, until I run out of paper,
I will gladly make as many of these as you
would like).

After you browse through the offerings,
please send me an email at:

with your wishes.

I will be here, receiving the emails, adjusting
inventory, keeping the kettle on the boil for
restorative cups of tea and coffee...and just
generally feeling grateful and happy to be a
tiny part of your hopeful Advent days.

I would appreciate it if in your email you let me
know how quickly you would like to receive your
package of lovelies. The packaging up of orders will
be done during my mom's naptimes and bedtimes,
so time is limited and I would like to get out the
orders first that need to be somewhere soon
for gifting.

And for those who might be new to my wares,
please know that everything is made with 100%
recycled or tree-free papers, vintage ribbon, and
earth-friendly packaging. Also, I have reduced
most of my prices...just because.


My most popular set of notecards.
One each of six designs (with matching
envelopes) in a pretty
envelope package


I noticed that on my laptop, these photos look like
the cards actually do. While on my studio computer,
they look overly bright. Rest assured, the cards in
reality are warm and softly colored.

many in stock!


Just four designs for this took
so long to adapt each one to the new printer
that I couldn't conceive of doing all 10.

I chose those which speak of
Peace & Light.

These come in bundles of a dozen (with matching
envelopes). You may order bundles of all one kind, or
the assortment. Each bundle has a pretty wrapper
with a wax seal. These are made of french-folded
laid paper-creamy white.


Blessing of Light
(blank inside)

Sparkling Peace
(it says "Peace" inside)

Starry Hen
(blank inside)

Lanterns Glowing
("Merry Christmas" inside)

Peace & Light
(assortment of 3 each of the 4 designs)


"Comfort & Joy"

I designed this last year, but was unable to offer
it because of many printer problems. Those are
happily solved and I have changed all of the dates
for now you may have the lovely
words and images to see you through the year

In case you are new to my yearly calendar,
it is bound like a book with vintage cream
silk ribbon, two page spreads for each month
with large squares and images in soft colors
on a flecked thick paper. 8 1/2" x 11" when closed.
The front section is the calendar pages for
each month, the back is 24 blank pages
with occasional pretty images scattered
here and there.


I should have enough paper to make as many
calendars as you wish...tho' after the first 36 or
so, the covers will be printed on a soft brown
cardstock, instead of the cream.