Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the sale is over....

...and I send deep thanks to everyone
who ordered.

I will be making one last batch of calendars,
and continuing with the packaging up of all
the orders and sending them on their
merry way to you this week.

And it will probably be awhile before the
next I knew when I took a hiatus when
my mom came to live with us, it is a bit of a press
to take good care of her, homeschool my boy and
everything else. Tho' I am so glad I had the sale!
It is wonderful to experience again all the familiar
rhythms of making and designing. And it makes
me happy to think of my calendar companioning
so many of you throughout the year, and the
cards being sent out these Winter days with
love and hope.

By next summer, my son will be graduated from
our homeschool, the addition for my mom will be
long done, and I can imagine a new season
of homelife (not that I want to imagine the
part of it without my son here each day...I am
having to play Scarlett in that area and will
definitely think about that ages hence!)
with more time for making.

But for now, I again send my gratitude
and also my dear wishes for a lovely
month ahead for all of us!

1 comment:

victoria said...

Lesley... Love my calendar and note books I ordered... they all adorn a special place in my office/studio!

Thank you so much for your gifts and talents... you make the world a more tranquil and beautiful place!