Sunday, July 18, 2010

welcome! have arrived on the doorstep of the new
little home I have created for Small Meadow Press.
Since I am not quite sure what the future holds for
me in the way of creating lovely things out of paper
and ink, the old website was more than I needed to
keep and maintain. And tho' this space is a bit bare
at the moment, it has all the rooms and furniture I
need to share news, offer things for sale now and
then and just be a pleasant place for my dreams to
reside while I am still settling in to the newest
season of my life.

I wish that I could give you an inkling of the
direction I hope to take with Small Meadow Press
in the months to come, but at this particular
moment it is all up in the air. We are still trying
to figure out if I will be able to keep my studio, as
we look at ways to make my mother's life more
comfortable here. I have high hopes...but it is a
challenge to make all of the pieces fit sometimes...
and sometimes it is impossible. I will know soon
and will post the news here when I do.

If you want to know when I do have some news to
share here, without having to keep checking back (as
I probably won't be posting very often!) please
subscribe to this blog by following the "subscribe"
link in the left sidebar or become a "follower" by
clicking the link, also to the left. I will be
phasing out my newsletter, but this will be a simple
way to keep in touch. Please leave a comment
to say hello and to tell me how you are...I do miss
all of my dear customer-friends!


Dragonfly Treasure said...

Wishing you all the best. Remember to take care of yourself first. You can't care for someone else if your not healthy. And most of all remember to laugh daily. Gotta keep your spirits up too :)
sending warm hugs, encouragement, and a shoulder if you ever need one.

NotQuiteJuneCleaver said...

What a beautiful place you have here! I too wish you all the best and peace about your decisions. I have bouts of "knowing" when I am determined to go in one direction and then life sees fit for me to go another. Going with the flow has never been easy for me. Now I find I must just "give in" to it and see what comes.

Carolyne said...

It is so good to hear from you.....if even for a moment! I love the fact that you are ever hopeful and looking for the 'glimmers' in each moment, and being the encouragement that you are, extend that wish to us as well.

I think of you often as I am still using (and still giving) from the assortment of wonderful items lovingly made by you. I know you will find a place for creativity, maybe not in the same way, but a little niche in your life will open. Because you've opened your life to the greater Love of caring and making life better for someone else, it will come back to you in abundance. I just know it.
♡and {{hugs}} Carolyne

Anonymous said...

Lesley- Your place here is a such a peaceful retreat from a very hectic world. Wishing you all the best.

SK said...

Beautiful site! I am so glad that you are still around and have time to occasionally post. Just the other day, my niece wanted to know where I bought one of my garlands (it hangs in the kitchen year-round!), and I was telling her about your beautiful papers...

Susan said...

I'm glad you have started this site. I will allow myself to hope that you will resume selling cards at some time in the future.

Sheila said...

Think of you often as I continue to use the items I purchased from you for several years! And I miss you! And the beautiful yearly calendars you made. Though I know where your heart must be now. Best wishes on whatever path you choose to take in the future!!! Take care. Always, a Friend from Florida :0)

Karen E. said...

I'm here, and will be subscribing! :)

My name is Courtney. said...

*panic* then *sigh of relief* I went to your website to print Home Learning Notes for our little home sweet school..... thank you for keeping them available! ...and I am excited to see where Small Meadow Press goes in the future.

Amy said...

Missing your lovlies Lesley....may you find peace and contentment in this new season....and treasured memories with your Mama....
much love,
Amy M in SC

Woolgatherer said...

Lesley, Am getting around to my holiday cards and was thinking how I will miss stocking up at this year's Bizarre Bazaar in Richmond. Would love to see you and catch up about your mom. Anything I can do for you, just let me know. Plenty of care management contacts out your way.

Be well and warm.
Your friendly local gerontologist!