Saturday, November 19, 2011

closing a window, opening a door

 I know it's usually the other way round...but as Small Meadow Press feels so very insubstantial right now, and the possibilities of what I am creating online seem so fits. Besides, I so love all that opening a door evokes. 

But first, to the closing of a window...
I've been uncluttering to the deepest level in my studio, and found yet another little stash of things, tho' this is truly the last of it. And as I have made the decision that I can't manage any printing and designing this year, including my calendar and planner-to-be, this will be all I have to offer in the way of papery delights. It felt so sad to come to that decision, but the relief that accompanied the sadness convinced me that it was right. I hope that the calendar making isn't over for good, so will wait and watch and see how life unfolds.

So in the next few weeks,
I will be doing a bit of cutting and folding, lots of sorting and plan to have a number of envelopes of Small Meadow Press miscellany for sale-here-in early December. Each envelope will be filled with an assortment of notecards, prints, little cards, bookmarks, letter paper, envelopes, Easter and Christmas things...all that I have found, parceled out into equal portions. It has been really lovely to have little piles and boxes of my old creations sitting here and there around the house. I am so fond of them and grateful for all they represent...what grew between me and each of you, in our common love of beauty and usefulness...

And I hope we can continue that journey when I open the door to my latest endeavor in the New Year. Just a glimpse I've shared above, a tiny taste of what I have been working on over the past months, sure to change as I continue to learn and figure out and play with words and images and ideas. I think...I hope...I am past the worst of the nuts and bolts part of it and can get on with the heart of it...the pages, the corners to fill and adorn, the tasks and topics to plan and arrange. And with any luck (not a word I usually use, but honestly, when it comes to computer-y things, it seems appropriate!), New Years Day will find me waiting by that door, ready to welcome you in.

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*the sale has now come and gone, but I've left this post up and will be posting about my new creation very soon!*